"I Don't Have A Thing To Wear"
The Psychology of Your Closet

Jackie Walker, the "Dr. of Closetology", and Judie Taggart

Persona Quiz- Take this quiz and discover your fashion persona. Choose the answer that most appeals to you. Most women are a mix of 2 or 3 personas so be honest in your selection of answers.

1) What style of shoes do you select for work or everyday wear?
  I like a low heel pump for work. I have one style in several basic colors.
  I buy a pair to match every outfit for work or play. I prefer flat heels and if it has a bow I have to have
  Shoes are my passion! The higher the heel the better! I go shoe shopping every season and love
        new trends. My latest purchase is a pair of suede boots.
  There are lots of shoes in my closet. Lots of different styles. I have a hard time figuring out what to
        put with what.

2) What is your favorite shoe for evening wear, special occasions or formal attire?
  I prefer an elegant yet higher heel.
  My dressy shoe is a black silk pump with a mid heel. It is comfortable and goes with everything.
  Silver and gold heels are my staple. I like a sexy look to complete my outfit.
  My lifestyle doesn't lend itself to needing a dressy shoe.

3) What is your favorite piece of jewelry?
  I treasure the cultured pearls I received as a birthday gift. I wear them all of the time.
        They are one strand and layer at my neckline.
  My wedding band. It I simple and elegant. It is the only piece of jewelry I wear except for a pair of
        pieced stud earrings.
  I have lots of fashion jewelry. I like colored pieces that go with each outfit in my wardrobe.
  Simple architectural pieces like large pins, pendants and earrings.

4) Select your first choice for earrings:
  Small or medium sized hoops in gold or silver. I only wear "real" jewelry and usually the same
        pieces every day.
  I am allergic to the nickel in costume earrings. I like a 14kt. gold ball earring.
  I don't have a favorite. I have to see what matches the outfit I select each day or evening.
  Whatever is in for the season.

5) How would you describe your "Makeup" appearance:
  My shades are soft with a slight touch of eye color.
  I like a bold look. Bright lip colors and false eyelashes are a staple.
  I have drawers full of makeup and often change my look.
  I wear very little makeup. Lipstick, and a little mascara and I am out the door.

6) What colors do you favor in nail polish? Toenail polish?
  I love to shop for nail color. Right now I am into deep, dark colors.
  My nails are usually done in a French manicure or just a little clear polish.
  I purchase lots of different colors and never wear any of them.
  Pale Pink, a soft coral on my nails. On my toes the same color darker.

7) What do you prefer to sleep in at night?
  Tee shirts and printed boxer shorts. Comfy and simple
  My favorite is a floral long gown and matching robe in flannel or cotton.
  I like a silk slithery gown with a little touch of lace and matching peignoir.

8) What is your favorite piece of lingerie?
  I like silk short silk gowns at times and sometimes a soft cotton oversized tee shirt.
  My lacey red bustier and a matching thong.
  My cotton pajama set or a simple long gown.
  My Victorian style batiste gown with tucks and lace.

9) How do you select a handbag?
  It's got to be functional. I like compartments and ease.
  I look for the designer brands first and then look at style.
  I buy quality in a neutral color and use one basic handbag for a long time.
  Casual cloth and crochet bags are a favorite.

10) How often do you purchase a handbag?
  I purchase two fine leather bags a season.
  Every chance I get. I love the coolest bags in a variety of colors, sizes and
  I purchase similar bags in different colors for choice.
  When my handbag wears out.

11) Do you like a variety of color in your wardrobe?
  Yes! The brighter the better.
  I buy what I like and I always look at the color of the season.
  Black! Black! Black is my color!
  I like color but I don't know how to accessorize it.

12) Do you like patterns or solid fabrics?
  Exotic prints, batiks and rough textures
  I prefer solids. If I wear a pattern it might be a stripe or dot.
  Small florals attract me. I like a muted stripe.
  I like to mix patterns and colors for a different look. I love big bold prints.

13) Pick the type of sweater you might purchase.
  Body conscious. Bright color with applique or pattern.
  Turtlenecks in all colors. Same style various fabrics. Oversized or regular.
  Twin Sweater sets in basic colors.
  All different types, colors and styles.

14) Do you prefer a cardigan sweater or a jacket as your third piece?
  I like the look of a jacket. Jackets and pantsuits are a staple in my lifestyle.
  I love soft cardigans that go with my longer skirts and make an outfit.
  Each season I look over my prior season jackets and sweaters. This classification is important to
        me. I like to purchase something new in both areas to update my wardrobe.
  I like to emulate what is in the magazines or on display at the stores.

15) You've received a gift. Which of the following selections would make you smile?
  A pale pink cardigan sweater.
  14kt gold bangle bracelet.
  Unusual hand-crafted one of a kind jewelry.
  Subscriptions to fashion magazines.

16) Have you ever received a gift that was "Not You?" Select one of the options that describe it or are similar.
  Yes! A pair of brown leather jeans. I never wear leather.
  If I don't like it, I return it.
  A gift certificate from one of "Those Classic Stores. Ugh! I purchased a white tee and took the rest
        in cash."
  I like everything I receive and eventually use it.

17) Select the cocktail look you would choose for a special night out.
  I buy dressy separates and pull them together depending on the occasion.
  A strapless multi-colored sequined short dress.
  Black satin trousers with a beaded jacket and shell.
  A cream lace dress and jacket.

18) Describe how you want to look for a dressy occasion.
  Different than anyone else.
  In the newest style for the season.
  Understated In a chic black dress or separates in a beautiful fabric.
  I wear my one dressy silk suit. It goes anywhere.

19) Select the types of fabrics or patterns you like to wear.
  I like a lot of different fabrics and patterns mixed together.
  I don't like patterns I prefer solids.
  I only wear natural fibers. My patterns are always florals in muted shades.
  I prefer luxurious fabrics… silks, wool, cashmere and fine cottons.

20) Describe your favorite style swimsuit.
  A Tank Suit! Something I can swim in.
  Bikini in bright color or an unusual one piece style.
  It depends on my weight. I have many different styles.
  None! I won't wear one.

21) Select a type of everyday china or fine china you may purchase next.
  A basic white set for everyday
  A set with architectural shapes in solid colors.
  My china is eclectic. Lots of different styles mixed together.
  I like a set with muted small flowers or blue and white pattern.

22) What type of silverware might you select?
  An intricate gold ware set.
  A sculptural set in matte finish
  I have an inexpensive set I purchased at a discount store.
  I use the set my mom gave me. It's okay.

23) Select a bed covering that most appeals to you.
  Denim covers with matching pillows
  Eyelet covers with matching pillows
  Solid duvet with different pillows for every season
  Animal print with lots of tapestry pillows

24) Do you like to wear designer logos on your clothing or accessories?
  Sometimes I do! It depends on where I am going and the occasion.
  I do not like any logos anywhere on or near my body.
  I may do that in an understated handbag.
  Yes I do! I know they are the finest quality.

25) Select your favorite pair of hosiery.
  I like trouser sock. I always wear trousers.
  I neutral pair of hose. I never wear colors on my legs.
  I have lots of choices. Fishnet, stripes, colors where they match.
  I may or may not wear hose depending on the outfit.

26) Describe your favorite style sofa.
  Lots of cushions with a botanical or floral covering.
  Simple leather with a nail head trim.
  Solid fabric and a variety of throw pillows so I could change them with seasons.
  Antique sofa with needlepoint covering.

27) Describe your ideal coat (if money were no object).
  One that is warm!
  A black trench coat.
  A long double-breasted camel hair coat is my choice.
  A long fur coat.

28) Describe the pair of gloves you may purchase.
  Leather gloves in bright colors.
  Black knit gloves.
  A pair of black leather gloves
  A famous designer plaid.

29) Select the watchband you prefer.
  A silver and gold metal band mixed together.
  My choice is a black skin strap.
  A gold designer watch with rhinestone trims.
  I like a fashion watch with interchangeable colored straps.

30) Describe your favorite hairstyle.
  I change my style with the season.
  Short and easy.
  Long and curly with a headband.
  A shoulder length sleek and simple cut.