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Blast From The Past

The Psychology of Purchasing a Hand Bag

Is it the color that attracts you or the size? Do you search for pockets of varying shapes to hold everything you own or are you creating an image with a designer logo? Is it function or fashion or both???

There is a psychology behind your handbag purchase. Women everywhere have a preference. This is the one accessory that is your focal point while giving you the comfort of housing all the needs for your individual lifestyle.

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The Psychology of Selecting Shoes

As a little girl I was entranced by the thought of Cinderella placing her demure foot into that glass slipper insuring that Prince Charming would be hers. My love affair with shoes started with that tale! Shoes have always been the finishing touch to a polished look and now more than ever the choices are astounding.

For years our pairs for corporate wear were the simple and functional “PUMP!” We could select heel height and color but those were our only available styles. Casual shoes were “sneakers or keds” along with a few kinds of sandals. The high fashion array was sometimes “Too Too” and we were never quite sure what was appropriate.

Over the past five years there has been a focus on the shoe industry and we are purchasing multiple pairs as they call to us from the displays of our favorite stores. Some clients make this shopping classification an emotional hobby and talk about their shoes as if they are their best friends. Sarah Jessica Parker brought her “Manolo’s” into the mainstream conversation as she went shoe shopping on Sex and The City! There is a definite psychology behind this “shoe business” so let’s take a new view at some of the ways we can add that all important punch piece to our image.

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The Psychology of Wearing a Skirt

Fact: 98% of all women are trouser driven. That means that they wear pants more than skirts.

As a young buyer of couture clothing I remember a conversation with my divisional manager. I was delighted to show him a NEW concept in double knit that I had purchased for my department. It featured a double breasted jacket and the ensemble came with a pant and a skirt. A three-piece outfit at one retail was new and exciting at the time. I mentioned to Mr. Spector that I was going to purchase one and wear it on my next buying trip and that I would have the duo of both foundations pieces to stretch a wardrobe while away.

“As long as you work for me you will never wear pants to the New York market” he exclaimed loudly. “You will always wear a dress or skirt!”

I recall those words with fondness and a bit of humor as I stroll the New York market today. Pant! Pants! Pants! Thank you Katherine Hepburn for giving us the image of elegance and comfort.

Fact: Women wear trousers more today because they hate to wear pantyhose!

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