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In The News

Utility Belts
Published from the Chicago Tribune [Style] Sunday 4/29/07
The return of the waist means it’s time to take your supply up a notch.
By Wendy Donahue

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ABC7Chicago – The Doctor of Closetology
“The Closet is not a room to hold clothing but a room to hold emotions,” says Jackie Walker. She calls herself the “Doctor of Closetology” because she has prescribed cures for self-esteem through her “Inside-Out” wardrobe advice. “It’s not about clothes! It’s about the way you feel about yourself” is her message. She has made “House Calls” across the nation and taught the art of stressless dressing.

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Chicago Tribune 3-18-07
Annette Pecora of Glencoe was more than ready for 70 degrees.

It’s just that her toes weren’t.

“My pedicure is scheduled for Saturday,” Pecora said Tuesday as she stood on Michigan Avenue—wearing closed-toe shoes—whole shopping with Desiree DeTrempe. “Of course, by then it will be 40 degrees.”

It was exactly that familiarity with fickle Mother Nature that tempered many Chicagoans’ fashion exuberance during last week’s spring like break in Chicago. Few threw caution and coats completely to warm winds. But after a miserable slog through January and February, Chicagoans lightened up for the mini-heat wave in their own mini-ways.

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