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Corporate Presentations

Corporate Presentation

The following presentations are 45 minutes followed by a Q&A period. Personalized handouts are available as well as book and CD signings if desired. The formats work as a keynote, breakout or a retreat format.


Personal Branding as a Man or Woman in Today’s Economy

What is YOUR personal brand? Enjoy this motivational and informational presentation that identifies your internal and external brand. This discovery will lead you and your company to increased success and confidence personally and professionally. If you are looking for your company to achieve increased success or if you personally are looking for a new career… This information is invaluable. Jackie helps you to focus on customer service as well as individual achievements through the understanding of what a personal brand means today.

Meet Jackie and create your own “Personal Brand!”


The High Side of Business Casual

Fact: Business casual is a slight relaxation of the dress code.

Explore the definition of this challenge to corporate image. This presentation teaches the art of correct pieces that portray a trusting and professional face to your company. “It doesn’t take a lot of budget to look great!

It just takes the right combination of pieces!” says Jackie Walker. Invite her into your world and she will improve image as well as morale! Learn the art of relationship dressing!

Note: The above presentation includes clothing to demonstrate Jackie’s philosophy.


Be A Mermaid

This enticing title will provoke conversation among your team. Jackie uses the -Mermaid or -Merman as a vehicle for teaching the art of team communication. She will lead them on the journey of discovering how to communicate with themselves as well as others. This unique perspective is effective as a short presentation or can be recreated into a half-day retreat. Workbook pages are provided as well as ideas for “After the Meeting” communication thought starters!


Ideation…Creating Creativity in Your Company

Who would deny that satisfied clients are the cornerstone of any successful business? Jackie addresses the importance of customer service and unique ways to identify develop and keep your clients.


Create Your Own Success Story

Jackie says “Tell me your story!” Create a wish list for your company. Is it motivation, image, sales increases, or development? Jackie will retell your story and create a presentation to make every wish come true. Personalized handouts and a newsletter can be tailored to suit your every need.


For fee structure please contact Jackie at 813-230-2153 or here.