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Oh my goodness…I forgot to email you to say I got the glasses. They were actually shipped to my girlfriend’s house in Michigan who wasn’t sure what was in the box until I arrived V-Day weekend from Atlanta. We absolutely LOVED them. My friend is in the process of a divorce and I am also having relationship problems, so the glasses were a perfect touch to our girly weekend. Thank you so much for getting them shipped out on time! I have been using it every day. It is a great reminder that no matter what happens I have to take the time to celebrate my life and to remember why me, myself and I are the most important. If you can’t give to yourself, then what good are you to others?


Wanda Amorose
I just finished your new book……..I KNOW, it is 2007, and I JUST FOUND IT!
However, I read it is 5 hours straight.
I just finished breast cancer treatments, and I feel wonderful. Yours was a book to inspire. I now look forward to taking this “new body” and looking for the “right” clothes. It is a challenge, but reading your book has given me courage. There are many things about “shopping” which still perplex me…..and exactly what I should/shouldn’t purchase. I am though, ARMED with your new book, and will take the advice to heart. Pretty soon it is going to be the new, polished me. My hair is growing back now, so I even have a brand new, clearly not planned hair-style. All is well.

Write another book. You are not finished yet.


Bill Deutsch, CMP
“Jackie-everywhere I go, people can not stop talking about your
program….Thank you for making this year’s SEC a real success. You are a real pro….you’ll be asked back for future MPI events..You are a class act!”
Bill Deutsch, CMP
Creative Show Services/Audio Visual Innovations


Pam Lagano
“In today’s world image is everything. Jackie’s new CD “Closetology” offers
practical sound wardrobe and fashion advice for the real woman. She
literally holds the listener’s hand in a step by step process, offering a blueprint
that would enable anyone to design their life so they can enjoy their clothes in
every season.”

Pam Lagano
President-Lagano & Associates, Inc.


Joan Haas, Tanner Companies
” It was Jackie’s turn on stage. The audience was captivated! It was so much fun! Her presentations are always informative and appeal to every woman.”

Joan Haas
District Sales Leader
Tanner Companies
Washinton, D.C., Baltimore and State of Virginia


Lou Ann McCaughey
“I heard you speak at the “Dressing From the Inside Out” event sponsored by Education Resource Center at Baltimore Country Club in May. I took notes, and have told a number of people about some of the concepts you discussed. I particularly like the idea that “self esteem should not be tied to the number in the back of your pants”. The “horizontal line dressing” idea makes sense, and I am anxious to learn more from the CD. Yes, I will be on the lookout for your book. Best of success with that, and your business. Your positive outlook is contagious!”

Lou Ann McCaughey
Baltimore, Maryland


Polly Bauer Past CEO HSN
“When I was presented with a one-in-a-million business opportunity where perfection was the only option, I turned to Jackie as a private client. Jackie worked her magic on my wardrobe and look: using her techniques, 40 pounds instantly disappeared from my appearance, my confidence skyrocketed and my business was enhanced. Appearance counts for a lot and, thanks to Jackie, I now know that my look is working as hard as possible for me.”

Polly Bauer
Past President and CEO
Home Shopping Network Credit Corporation


Laura D. Young
“I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation. Fabulous information and presented
in such a way that made me( and I think everyone) feel good about myself and
understand that there are so many facets to fashion, clothing choices,
presentation, what’s hanging in my closet, etc. Marvelous! ”

Laura D. Young
Director of Diversity
Talent Development/People Services
Alpharetta, Georgia


Nina Polm; Marketing Director
“Just a quick note to let you know that International Plaza’s 2003 Dress for Success suit drive promotion was a tremendous success, generating 1,275 suit donations from more than 530 Tampa Bay women! This is an incredible 82% increase over last years’s donations. You certainly captivated the audience and they responded with enthusiasm and pleasure!

Nina Polm
Marketing Director
International Plaza
Tampa, Florida


Deborah Slack Vice-President Saks
“Jackie Walker does an enlightening & entertaining presentation on how to dress and look your best, what your closet says about you and how to buy the appropriate silhouettes that most compliment your figure. We had a charity event last year in September that was very successful with amazing customer and audience reaction.”

Deborah Slack
Vice-President and General Manager
Saks Fifth Avenue
Orlando, Florida


Mary Foley, Keynote Speaker and Author
“Jackie, Just a quick note to say that I really enjoyed meeting you this spring at the Doncaster/Breast Cancer event in Falls Church, Va. You did a bodacious job and are obviously very comfortable as a speaker and woman in her craft.”

Mary Foley , keynote speaker and author
Woman In Charge
Bodacious! Ventures LLC


Joan Zimmerman, CEO
Our company has been producing consumer and trade shows for 40 years. We produce a lot of shows, and we meet a lot of people. Through our Women’s Show Series we met Jackie Walker in 1993. Jackie can hold and entertain a crowd. She does this by carefully planning her program. She reaches her audience, and she is always on target with what she brings to them. Jackie is the epitome of excellence.

We look forward to working with Jackie
Walker for many years to come.

Joan Zimmerman, CEO
Southern Shows

Laura Campbell, President
Women’s Show Series